Metro Train Administration is a software application maintain all the day to day activity of the Metro Train Management activities. This software mainly help to issue the tickets, passes and different type of travel enabled cards to the passengers. Apart from this, this software also help the management to list the train details, train journey timings. And it also take care of all the employee’s working in this project. 


The main objective of the application is to automate the existing system of manually maintain the records of the ticket issue, pass issue and maintaining their records. Another objective of this project is to develop centralized money collection system, to know the total collection by each train for each trip. Another main objective of the project is to maintain all the employee details. 


This application can be used for any intercity train system or bus system. This software can be used in many cities where the corresponding government made such kind of facility to his peoples.


       System configuration

Pentium IV 2GHz  or above

1GB RAM or higher


Color Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse


Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 7

Front End : Microsoft Visual Webdeveloper 2005

Back End : MS SqlServer

Internet Server : IIS

Browser : Internet Explorer or Crome


Input/Output forms

Data Reports

Options for adding, editing and removing the information from the database