Mobile shops need a software application for computerize the process of work. Mobile showroom management project can be used for managing billing data, calculation monthly transactions, managing stocks. This application is developed in programming language.

Project Synopsis: 

Show room sales management, vehicle information management ..etc software are playing important role for reducing manual work and improve standards of billing. 

Software requirements:, or java are the preferred software languages for Front end design and mysql for back end database.

Easy navigation from one form to other form using main screen.

Search features to retrieve old records from database.

Database back up module for data security

Software requirement:

Front End Design: Visual basic

Back End database: mysql

Modules Explanation: 

Stock Management: This module is useful for updating latest stock received by showroom. Details are updated with date and time to database. 

Billing management: When customer buy new product from show room details or payment with date and time are updated to database and print is generated. 

Sales Module: Based on the sales for every day report is generated this details are useful for administrator to view daily, monthly and yearly sales details. 

Download Mobile Showroom Management Project. 

Students can download software code and report related to this project in, php, java from below reference links.