Online banking information management system” being a real time project has the following objectives according to the requirements found after the data collection. 

  To maintain appropriate database tables for account section, customer record and other all types of transaction held in bank.

  To provide authentication to each user.

  To update data regularly with no trouble and with no time loss.

  To maintain records of all customer according to their transaction.

  To provide better security system.

  To provide backup of the daily transaction. 

Thus, time loss in updating, inserting and deleting records and data has been removed and anomalies in database management have been removed. As a whole, an up-to-date database management system has been provided so that the manual pen and paper word can be avoided and fast processing of jobs can be implemented.

Online Banking Information Management System Conclusion and recommendation

The development of software industry is increasing with leaps and bounds everyday affecting almost all the fields of our life. The proposed project fulfils the requirements of bank, to enhance the technological aspect. Developing such software as a project work for the bachelor’s degree in computer engineering shall help the students in building up their confidence and knowledge about software development in the real world. In as short period it is not possible to develop complete software that fulfils all the requirements of each and every section of the bank.

Download Online Banking Information Management System Project Source Code and Project Report in Vb.Net