Software project on online Leave management system is developed in Vb.Net programming language. This management software is useful for handling employees attendance details, leaves details, report generation..etc .

Project Synopsis:

Organizations where there are large number of employees working for different locations need a effective Employe resource management software integrated with leave management system for handling employees leave appeal, leave cancellation, leave approval, monthly leave reports and yearly leave reports.

Project Advantages:

This software is easy to use and reduce manual work and paper work.

Data is maintained in database. Easy to search employee leave details and procedure oriented process for leave appeal and leave approval.

Employees can view holiday lists and plan leaves based on analyzing total number of leaves taken and available leaves which are shown in their account.

Each employee has unique account with personal and job designation details.

Download Leave management System Project in Vb.Net

Software Requirement:

Front End Design: Vb.Net

Database Design: MS Access

List of forms:

Crystal report form

Department Designation Form

Employee details form

Holiday Form

Monthly Leave

Yearly Report Form

Project scope:

Leave management software is useful for every organization and even schools and colleges can also use this software for managing staff leaves.

Download project documentation, source code in, java, , php from below links.