Production Management system project is a software application developed in programming language.  Using this software any manufacturing company can easily manage employees work details, requirement analysis, customer information, product stock details, delivery information..etc.

Production Management System Forms Overview:

New Sales Order

Access:  Power Users

Use: A Sales Order is created/edited using this form.

Field Descriptions:

Customer: This field should be filled with Company Name from a list of ‘Customers’ in the system.

                    The users chooses the customer by clicking the Ì and list of customer in the system comes up.

Choosing this field should also populate the customer contact Information with the default contact, but give the user option to change the this information if needed. 

Sales Order ID: This should be generated automatically by the system in sequence, starting with the number SO5000 

Add Line Item Button: Clicking this button adds a line item to the Sales Order. 

Line Item Fields:

                Line Item #:        1, 2, 3 depending on the number of line items.

                Part #:                   This should be chosen from the Inventory Item List by clicking Ì

                Description:        This is a text field which is automatically filled with the Part # description. The user should be allowed to edit/add text to the description.

                Quantity:             Integer Field

                Price:                     Decimal Money Number

                Currency:            Default to CAD (Canadian Dollar). Use Ì to choose from other currencies (USD, GBP, etc.)

                Delivery Schedule:          Link to pop-up box with a delivery schedule. See Below

                Attachment:      By clicking the Ì User has opportunity to attach/remove documents to the quotation.

Total:  Automatic Total of All line items.

Attachment of Customer PO: To scan in document of Customer Purchase Order.

Customer PO #:                Text Box

Comments:        This is a text box used to enter comments 

Delivery Schedule:

                Users should only be allowed to enter a delivery schedule once the quantity on a line item has been entered.

The default setting for every line item is as line item 1 – with one Quantity Due and one Date per line item. If the User needs to split up the delivery of the order, then they can push the Ì and get a second, third row of quantities and dates as is Line Item 2.

  • The Total Quantity per line item must match the total of ‘Quantity Due’ for each line item.
  • If the User, after entering a Delivery schedule,  changes the Quantity on the Sales Order main page – they should not be allowed to SAVE until they have fixed the Delivery schedule to match the new quantity level.


 Save:                     For a new Sales Order document, ONLY THE SAVE BUTTON should appear. Once the document has been saved, all fields should become non-editable, and the SAVE button disappears. All other buttons are the available.

                                * On save – system should check Customer PO # to ensure it has not been duplicated in another Sales Order.

Change:               This button put the Sales Order document back into editable mode – where fields can be edited. Only the SAVE button appears in Change Mode.

Print:                     Print the Sales Order.  Print formatting to be determined later.

Copy:                    Copies the entire Sales Order into a new Sales Order document.

Create/Edit Sales Order  Work Process: This button opens SALES ORDER WORK PROCESS – which is linked directly and exclusively to a Sales Order. 

Download Production Management System Project Source Code in Vb.Net with full project Report.