Simple login page application developed in programming language using  MS Access Database. This application will help student to learn how to develop login page in visual basic.

Simple Login Page

Application Over view:

Login page is designed considering security issues. User should enter user name and password for log in to system. In order to complete project and test with sample database related insert and delete operation a simple module is provided for users.

This module helps to update books details to database.

List of tables:

Table for books:  This table is used for updating book title, author name, year of publish, quantity, abstract, status, publisher and price.

Table Roles:  Details of user id and responsibility of member is updated.

Table User: Details of user first name and last name are updated to database with user id

User account Table: User account details or login details with user name and password are updated. When user registers with applications details re updated to database.

Download Simple Login Page Code in VB.Net

Project Scope:

Students can use this login form for designing any web site front page. Based on requirements students can modify code and use in project.