Billing is the process followed by most of the business companies but each company follow different types of billing procedures like online billing, manual billing in the form of slips, software billing..etc.

Telephone Billing Management System

This project telephone billing management system is a software Application developed for telephone companies. This is simple academic project for computer science students designed in Vb.Net programming language.

Project Title:

Vb.Net Telephone billing system Project

Project Abstract:

In existing software trend most of the problems are solved using software management software. We can see hotels, shops, book stores, bakery..Etc business is using software billing mechanism. Main reason is cost of manpower is required and time is saved and data is secured and easy to analyze old records and analyze using report generation and automatic calculation mechanism.

Contents in Project Report:

Students can download project report with source code from below links. Project report consist of

Project synopsis

Design Details

System specifications

Data flow diagram

Sequence diagram

Flow chat


Download Telephone billing Management system Project Report in Vb.Net

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