Telephone Number Enquiry System Project is a vb application. This software is designed to upda te telephone numbers to directory and search numbers and store numbers. User can configure settings using configure setting.

Telephone Number Enquiry System Project

Telephone Number Enquiry System Modules:

Login Screen: 

This Screen Provides a way that we can enter into the system and access and configure the Telephone System. This screen provides a security measure so that invalid user and unauthorized person can not enter and access the system. This screen used to authenticate the user using the system. Only Valid user can enter the systeism.

Main Menu: 

This Screen provides a choice to move in any of the direction by pressing button on the corresponding button. 

The Four Screen Option Are:- 

Telephone Data Entry

With help of this screen you can enter new Telephone no and related Data

Telephone Search

With help of this screen you can search  data based on various criterial.

 Store and Search Codes

With help of this screen you can enter codes and station.


With help of this screen for Configuration.

Information Entry Screen: 

This Screen provides you various Box so that you can enter data Such As Telephone No , First Name,Last Name,House No,Class of theConsumer,Address of the Consumer City of the Consumer, and State.    

     All The information is entered with proper Validation and verfication of the data and when is information is added by pressing ADD button , a Message box confirming the Addition of new Record will appear on the screen. 

 We Can Also return to the Main Menu Screen By pressing the RETURN Button. 

     By Pressing the EXIT button we can exit to the Operating System or Quit the Software.

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