Text editor project is useful for creating new documents by writing, deleting, editing, saving clear texts and finding text in editor. This project is developed in VB.NET programming langue with reach text features.

Text Editor Project

Project Category:

Text Editor Software

Project Abstract:

Text editors are mostly used software tool for writing project source code and also writing documentation. It plays important part in project design and development. Mostly used text editors are notepad, WordPad..etc each text editor will have different features and options.

Major difference between each text editor is type of features they provide. Some text editors just support text and other support adding multimedia files, images, links. Compare to old text editors new editors are have advanced features.

This application is simple vb.net software which has minimum features. Students can add more modules if required.


Creating New documents

Open exiting documents

Save and save as option

Saving file in different formats

Copying file or cut file and paste in other location

Insert words

Find and replace any were in document

Directory selection for saving file

Working Procedure:

After opening text editor use can enter data using keyboard and edit existing document and open menu option to use save and save as options to save file. In order to save file we should select directory or it will show default directory.

Download Text Editor Project Source Code in Vb.Net