Train Reservation system web application is developed to computerize process of ticket booking. From this application students can learn how to write code for booking , cancellation, availability check ..etc.

Project Abstract:

In India Train service is the mostly used transportation for long distance traveling. Passengers from different locations will try to book tickets. In this process data managing will be tough task.

Using Train reservation inventory system software updates of daily books, availability of seats, fares for various trains, and information of trains between stations are managed. Users can even plan journey and book tickets using online methods.

ER Diagram:

Before designing these project students must understand flow of data between different modules and how each module is interfaced with other modules. These details are provided ER diagram.

Details of database design, total number of table and fields used in each table are explained below.

Admin table: In this table username (primary key), password, first name, last name, age, email and registration date details are stored.

User Table: Details of User who registers with application are stored in this table. This table stores username (primary key), password, user name, user age, and user email address and registration details.

Train Table: Details of trains are stored in this table. Train name, source, destination, distance, arrival time, departure time.

These are main tables other tables are ticket table, train details, fare table, ticket details, class details and payment details. Explanation of each table is provided in project report and ppt.

Download Train Reservation System Project in Vb.Net