Insurance companies need a software application which can manage various vehicles insurances through online. Vehicle insurance management system project will cover all modules like vehicle registration, insurance details, type of vehicle..etc. 

In present online communication technology most of the work is don through software applications. In order to reduce manual work and increase efficiency and security these management software are helpful . We had already seen Mobile showroom management system, mobile shop management system..etc applications which are playing important role in reducing manual work.

In this project we are going to explain how to design vehicle insurance software for vehicle showrooms. This application is useful for handling customers insurance details and payment details, issuing money when there is damage to vehicle..Etc.

Modules like adding, creating, modifying, deleting customers insurance records from database and login security features are provided in this software application.

Project Requirement:

Java or are the programming languages preferred with ms access database.

User friendly design for navigating from one form to other form

Search feature for finding old records which are stored in database based on vehicle number, user name, insurance number.

Database back up feature for security purpose

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